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Cordon del Plata and Mercedario / Mendoza / Argentina - march 2015 In march 2015 I went to Mendoza / Argentina with Mercedario as a main target. First I spent 7 days in Cordon del Plata to acclimatize. It is a very nice area close to the city of Mendoza. There are several mountains between 4000 and almost 6000m to be climbed. Unfortunately I run into bad weather for almost the entire week. After a comfortable night in a small hotel in Mendoza, an endless shower and plenty of food I went off again heading for Mercedario. On day six I was lucky to stand on one of the highest peaks in the Andes. Summit day turned out to be a perfect one. With full moon I didn’t need a headlamp, not to cold and nearly no wind on the summit! My GPS reading showed 6731m. Here is a very short video taken from the summit and a few pictures from the expedition.
strange cloud formation morning after the storm - El Salto at 4250m clouds over the Pampa - El Salto 4250m Cerro Plata in the distance clouds building up again over Cerro Vallecitos High winds blowing up fresh snow - Cerro Plata walk inn - Cerro Mercedario in the distance Camp Los Colorados at 3900m Glaciar at Pirca de Indios Icewall and Penitentes Ansilta Range in the distance above Ollada Glaciar - about 6500m Mercedario summit looking south from Mercedario - Aconcagua in the distance Hasta luego Mercedario! Home