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My name is Gert. Family life and job are keeping me busy but every now and then I can follow my hobbies - mountain climbing, trekking and photography. Getting older I follow the "keep it or loose it" rule and sport became an important part of my life. At an age of 47 I finished my first marathon and plan to do now one or two marathons per year. I hope to find more time for extended cycling tours too. Mountain Biking / Racing Bike 2009 : 302 km on the racing bike through Denmark, roughly 12:30 h Marathon 2010 : Bienwald, Karlsruhe 2011 : Hornissgrinde 2012 : Bienwald, Fidelitas Nachtmarathon, Hornissgrinde 2013 : Fidelitas Nachtmarathon 2014 : Hamburg Marathon, Heidelberg Trailmarathon 2015 : Karlsruhe Marathon, Heidelberg Trailmarathon 2016 : Heidelberg Trailmarathon Best time: Karlsruhe 2010 at 04:03 Photography I’m a “Nikonian” and my newest camera body is the D610. My favorite lenses are the 24mm 2.8 and 105mm 2.8 Micro. For funny videos I use the GoPro Hero. Adventurous trips / Expeditions - Crossing Seram Island and climbing Gunung Binaiya and Gamalama Vulcano in Maluku / Indonesia - trekking through the Arfak Mountains on the Bird Head’s Peninsular / West Papua / Indonesia - trekking the high valley of Wamena / West Papua / Indonesia - Tanjung Jamursba / West Papua / Indonesia - climbing Tambora Vulcano / Sumbawa Indonesia - exploring Rajah Ampat - especially Waigeo and Wayag Archipelago / West Papua / Indonesia - Valle de Colorado with La Ramada 6380m and Paso Ancho / Mendoza / Argentina - normal route of Mercedario up to 6420m / Wanda Peak 5234m / Pilar Grande 6004m /Mendoza / Argentina - Cordon del Plata and Mercedario 6731m (my GPS readout!) / Mendoza or San Juan / Argentina